Thursday, 8 December 2016

My Okinawa trip 2013

This year I went to train in Okinawa -the birthplace of Karate. I was luck to be accepted at the Hombu Dojo of Hanshi Giyu Gibo 9th dan (Shorin Ryu Karate) one of the most famous teacher in the island as he is the senior student of legendary Karate master Shugoro Nakazato.
Hanshi Giyu Gibo and me at the Hombu Dojo
Shobu Kan Hombu Dojo
Great Master Shugoro Nakazato and his senior student Hanshi Giyu Gibo
The famous Shureido (Karate ; Kobudo equipement supplier- Okinawa)
The Shurijo Castle
The Dojo cafe