Tuesday, 6 November 2012

The importance of Judo for a traditional Karateka!

This year i decided to crosstrain in Judo; the decision was based on learning more about grappling but most importantly to experience what grappling arts such as Judo offered to the best Karate instructors of the past in Okinawa and Japan. if you read the history of Okinawa karate for instance we find out that many great masters practiced Okinawa Tegumi (grappling); masters such as Shoshin Nagamine and Eiichi Miyazato also practiced Judo; Japanese masters such as Masatoshi Nakayama,Keinosuke Enoeda, Takayuki Kubota, the best JKA instructors; Joko Ninomiya and Takashi Azuma all practiced Judo... the reason is that Judo well complement Karate because many throws and locks of Judo (which are similar to Okinawa tegumi) are included in the Karate Katas... Learning Judo helps the karateka to comprehend more the katas e also to develop a good defence for take down and great grip strength.. I got my first red belt this October and even if my shoulders are quite sore i think i will practised Judo from now on.... Oss!!