Friday, 26 March 2010

Okinawa training 2010 March

March 2010 saw a succesful international seminar of Karate and Kobudo held in Okinawa by Senseï Chinen. Sensei Chinen emphasised the importance of dojo kumité and the Shorin ryu basic katas: fukyu gata ichi and ni, naihanchi shodan, the 5 pinan, Itosu passai, Matsumura passai.

The entire training week was paced by combat work concentrating on developing timing and toughening up the body. The atmosphere was particularly intense and productive. It was an excellent preparation for the 2011 Karate World cup in Okinawa.

Many thanks to Senseï Chinen and to his assistant at Yomitan, Sensei Jungo Matsuda, who is in charge of the Oshukai Hombu Dojo in Yomitan (Okinawa-Japan).